The impact of COVID-19 on the people #whomadeourclothes

As the time passes by amid the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic leading to global lockdowns and minimal human activities, new situations are emerging every day, some are good, and some are bad for us. While, the world is experiencing an economic slowdown, affecting every sector from finance to hospitality. The Fashion and textile industry is hit hard due to its discretionary nature and the impact on the industry is widely visible. The reason is not only the global shutdown of retail stores or changed customer buying behaviour, but also the halted production, order cancellation and payment delays. Such uncertainties during COVID-19 pandemic are causing a huge impact on supply chain workers inducing loss of pay and enormous layoffs, which the world needs to know.

Swaying Little Things…!!

It was hot last year, it will be hotter still in this new one! Yes, we’re talking about tassels!

This trend is not a new one, but an oh-so-nice-one! We are awaiting another season in which we are going to embrace the playfulness of fringe. It has a touch of bohemian, tribal and the 70’s . It is an eye-catcher for ....

Be Haseen-O- Jamal this Eid with Sharara.

Every year I wait for this day and finally its here again!! Eid- Ul – fitr .When finally I can get rid of work and get time to spend time with my family friends and relatives. Thing I love most about this occasion are those cultural  vibes , amazingly delicious  Muslim cuisine (Mom made sewai […]

Mumtaaz – e – Libas with evolutionary Ethnic Bottom wear

In Today's Era trend is something everyone wants to be updated in all the time.These days Indian ethnic wear  is stepping in the international market. Indian Fashion world has gone through marvelous  changes in terms of silhouette and outfits. Ethnic has recently evolved extensively  from prodigious drapes in form of.... Saaris  to half drape saari .... 3 … Continue reading Mumtaaz – e – Libas with evolutionary Ethnic Bottom wear