10 ways to Revamp your Ethnic wardrobe with Tassels

Tassels & Fringes – if it swishes when you walk, you’ll probably want to snap it up to get in on this fun fashion trend!

Hey friends, the last blog Swaying Little Things…!! was all about the eye-catching trend with a touch of bohemian, tribal and the 70’s styles: Much longer, voluminous and colossal tassels, adding more drama to your look.

I had also shown you a glimpse of International trend and runways. As I mentioned earlier,

This style is ideal for the weekends, and is one way to bring that carefree sensibility to your Monday-to-Friday routine.

Tassels are a jovial and easy way to bring the Fashion element to you. So don’t just be run-of-the-mill.


“This exotic accouter lends a bohemian grace to any piece in your ethnic wardrobe”

Be it an embroidered  dress, a long maxi dress, or an ethnic kurta with a tassel element on hemline or on placket, they’re full of vim and vigour

Below  are the  10  ways in which you can Revamp your Ethnic Wardrobe with Tassels that inspires closet-envy:

With nearly every step you take, your tassels will swish and sway in delight.

1.Splendid Hemlines :

Go Avante-Garde with the hemline and give yourself a Romanian gypsy look… Let it sway and swish while you walk!!



Mod-up your most elementary of kurtas by adding up colossal contrast tassels and fringes.

Add extensive swaying tassel at hemlines of your kurta and pump its style quotient up a notch!

Below are a few referral images for fringing up your kurta hemlines, giving the ethnic soulless kurta a contemporary Modish look.




2. Undulating  Sleeves :

Come out of those monotonous unexciting sleeves …. Tassel em’ up !!

Be it a regular long full arm-length sleeve or a conventional micro sleeve, you can give it a dapper look by adding a handful of tassels or fringes on the hemline or the edges.

Build up your street-cred through “Statement Sleeves”.




Try adding voluminous and colossal fringes.

Get your hands on some long fringes or tassels anywhere from an inch to 3+ in length, add them up to the sleeve line, and experience the glamour.

Let’s take a glance at at few reference images talking loudly and boldly about tassel on sleeves; and Believe me, they are worth it !!






3. Ice-breaking Plackets : 

Play with plackets … break the tedium by affixing a handful extravagant tassel accessories to your elementary kurta.



Placket kurta is exceptionally in vogue.

Every ethnic enthusiast has bunch of  placket kurtas in their wardrobe. So why not give your dowdy kurta a modish look altogether?


Accessorize placket buttons with a few voluminous colossal tassels and make them look as voguish as never before!




4. Tying the Knot : Robes 

Robe looks are more or less like a wrap around kurtas. Angarakha is one of its traditional word.



As fusion is the new rage now-a-days, designers have experimented a lot with traditional ethnic  wear fusing them with western silhouettes, “Redefining Ethnic”.

This amalgamated version of customary Angarakha and westernized Wrap-around fashion is now “Robe or Wrap Kurta”.

It can be a counterfeit “mock- up  robe”, “a belt tied on gown”, “or an actual Angarakha – Wrap Around kurta“.



The common thing is that they all need belts to wrap and tie the kurta on your body.
Aha !! Belts – here is a scope!

Accessorize and Mod your tie-ups with diverse versions of astounding tassels: compact, hefty, giant, voluminous layered tassel strings!

Try to add up 5-6 tassel strings giving a voluminous and charismatic look to the complete garment.

Be your own designer!! Below are a few references for tasseling up your robes. Do try at-least one of them!!





5. Front Panel Detailing – Tiny trims 🙂 

Now the term Front Panel Detailing might sound too complex and technical. No fret fam!! Let us unfold the term in easy-peasy words, if you can tassel up your kurta on plackets, belts, and edges, then why not have them unabridged on the entire body of the costume?



You can add up tassels anywhere and everywhere on your costume, and we assure you it will definitely end up with a voguish attire.

It’s a fun trend! Let your tassel vim and vigor on your dress!

Cull out any mundane kurta /Dress from your wardrobe, be it a straight fit, an A-line kurta, or a long-flared maxi dress, and start playing with the possibilities!

Not only international, but Indian designers also have tried and it’s worth it.

4a8a2bd37b67d4522165fb64045198e1 (1)




6. Tassel it up all over you  !!

No Rocket science, no tedious efforts, no use of brainpower … Just do it !! Place the colorful or an ice breaking color all over the body of the Kurta or your dress.


I know it looks utterly experimental, but that’s what fashion is all about, isn’t it? Look different, look good !!

Just 4 Steps to be Modish  :

  1. Pick up any basic Kurta.
  2. Take any contrast color tassel  of  any size you think would fit in.
  3. Stitch the same all over the kurta without much effort.
  4. Make sure the pattern doesn’t look odd and try to be proportional so as to maintain a little uniformity, else it could come out to be a boo- boo.   😉  😛

And its ready …. aesthetic, effortless, Bohemian and voguish!! Let’s have a glace at few referral images :




7. The Right Placement : 

Asymmetric hems, hanker-chief silhouettes, pockets, cut and slits are extremely in vogue these days and we are sure every girl has one in her wardrobe.

Try exploring your asymmetric hemlines and pockets with hefty, colossal, and fancy contrast tassels – and make your tedious dress look exciting!

Add up a voluminous tassel on the edges of your kurta hemlines to disintegrate the monotony. The overall look will be more enhanced if you go for high and low or Asymmetric hemline kurtas.

In case you are middle-of-the-road kind of person, want to keep it voguish but easy, straight-up go for this!



8 . The Exquisite Tie-ups : 

Tie-ups are so girly and trendy. Make tie-up kurtas more flowy by adding long tie up endless tassels. Tie-ups can fit in at sleeves, shoulders, side slit or layered slit of kurta.



 Make your tie-ups more awe-inspiring, more sensational and extended hanging or draping loosely and gracefully.

Use 4 – 5 – 7 – 10  as many twine you want to use for your  tie ups. Just take care as not everyone can handle tie ups 😉





9 . The Awestruck Back : 

Back detailing and neckline trapping is a big forthcoming trend. It’s a must-have for the coming season! Why not make your soulless dress /  kurta modish by accessorizing its back with vibrant tassels hanging loosely and gracefully.


It’s easy to do, effortless, and very much to-be praised.





10 . Fanciable Necklines  : 

The trend is something with which we deal in our day today wardrobe. Neckline trappings can be small but adequate to elevate the most ordinary piece into a trend talker.

You can add up tassels at neckline of your garment be a basic knot at neck line, handful  gracefully draped tie ups or just as a decorative trim on necklines of different shapes  , colors and sizes.

Lets have a glance at this Awe-inspiring adorable trend  :





We are sure you will like to try few of them or place at-least one of them in your wardrobe.

Try it on !! It’s never too late to be trendy! And let me know which one you would like to try on your basic kurta.

In case you have doubts … Where to get these tassel from? Well it’s easily available at any local trim shop and even online. Well to make your life easy, Please find the Bio link here:

Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/Creative-Handmade-tassels-earring-different/dp/B01NBYVT2K/ref=pd_sbs_201_13?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=RDVTHZ6NVE3437DAF1NT

Ali Express ( for wholesale ) : https://www.aliexpress.com/w/wholesale-silk-tassels.html

And if you can’t find the color and size you are looking for, no need to get disappointed. It’s easy to DIY. I prefer to make it on my own .

 BIO link for DIY of tassel:   https://sewguide.com/make-tassels/

Do post me with the images of your DIY. I will be posting my DIY to you soon …!! 😀  

Send in the good words and don’t forget to hit the like button on my  page .

Until the next time… Stay trendy, stay stylish ! 🙂

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