Swaying Little Things…!!

Tassels, fringing – if it swishes when you walk, you’ll probably want to snap it up to get in on this fun fashion trend.

It was hot last year, it will be hotter still in this new one! Yes, we’re talking about tassels!

This trend is not a new one, but an oh-so-nice-one! We are awaiting another season in which we are going to embrace the playfulness of fringe. It has a touch of bohemian, tribal and the 70’s . It is an eye-catcher for sure. These little accouter things are unclench  slacked , effortlessly cool and prodigiously fun.

Tassels! Kiss away the days of solely seeing these embellishments hanging from your grandma’s drapes or graduation caps. Tassels have been popping up on nearly every style enthusiast’s Instagram feed, helping reinforce their this season’s must-have accessory list. They may be a mini add-on, but they pack a mighty punch. Personally, I love the way these dangling design elements bring movement to a look while also adding a burst of color. Blowing and oscillating  freely, the extensive  long and flowing loose tassels are the go-to trend to embellish on anything from tops, dresses, jewelry, bags, shoes, earrings to pretty little pumps, decor and more. Consider enhancing  your wardrobe this season with tasseled accessories.

Like its cheerful opposite number  pom-poms, tassels are a jovial and easy way to bring the Fashion element to you. The exotic accouterments lends a bohemian quality to any piece, be it an embroidered linen maxi dress, an ethnic kurta with tassel as an element on hemline or on placket, a long maxi gathered skirt  or a leather cross-body bag. Plus, they’re super frisky. With nearly every step you take, your tassels will swish and sway in delight.

Tassels have been a runway hit all year round and the trend is here to stay. Designers have used it in apparels, shoes, earrings, necklaces; literally in every form. A lot of celebrities are flaunting this trend and there is no reason why you shouldn’t too.

The style is ideal for the weekends, and one way to bring that carefree sensibility to your Monday-to-Friday routine is through your wardrobe, as it is great to twirl around with swaying fringes. These fringe-like pieces are the perfect stand-alone statement, which also alternatively compliment a delicate piece. With a sophisticated colourway, these latest fringe styles are perfect for dressing up and dressing down!

It’s a bold High summer autumn look that’s currently populating high street stores and designer boutiques alike, particularly in the form of holiday kimonos and caftans , but choose your weapons wisely and the pieces you pick up now will see you through next season too. This time you will find more exaggerated version of tassels adding more drama to your look, much longer , much voluminous and colossal; and if it swishes when you walk, you’ll probably want to snap it up to get in on this fun fashion trend.

This retro revival trend is everywhere, from the runway to the red-carpets, and if it’s not yet in your wardrobe, then now is the right time to embrace the gently swaying spectacle drama of tassels.

Well you should have a look at few latest trending extravagant tassel on international runways:


I know I  committed in my last blog that I will get back soon with a List of trendy Ethnic kurta which will break the stereotype in you for Ethnic wear”.   Let’s Explore it soon.

Now, if you are wondering how will you bring tassel fashion into your wardrobe, Let me help you out with the same in my next blog.

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17 thoughts on “Swaying Little Things…!!

  1. This blog takes me to look at the fashion a whole new way….. read the last two blogs and i must be it the Sharara or the Tassels, the lookout of the stereotype fashion differs. Very off beat outlook. This is interesting and really looking forward to the upcoming ethnic kurta blog. 🙂


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